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PETRONAS Case Study – Enterprise

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PETRONAS Case Study – Enterprise
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PETRONAS operates in over 50 countries around the world across a fully integrated value chain that spans from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructure. Efficient communication and collaboration throughout the organisation is critical to ensuring smooth-running of its operations.

To facilitate this, PETRONAS created the PETRONAS Digital Collaboration Centre, a visualisation and collaboration facility housed within their headquarters at Petronas Twin Towers. Spread across 22,000 sqft, the centre accommodates a team of 6 and functions primarily as a space where employees can centralise their communications and collaborate across different disciplines.


Crestron deployed its suite of intelligent solutions which integrated multiple operational functions under a single processor, and also introduced extenders and scalers into PETRONAS infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their system. The enhanced structure helped provide users with a seamless experience through the integration of the organisation’s existing and separate hardware and technologies

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