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Pro AV Catalog

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Australian Goo Dealer, Livingstone Audio, Lights Up The Australian Museum!
Posted on Monday, May 5, 2008

Livingstone Audio, of Blackburn South, Australia, one of our first (and still one of our best!) Screen Goo dealers, recently completed a unique project at  The Australian Museum in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The Museum's new Dinosaurs Exhibit features a former exterior wall which has been converted into dinosaur-sized sized, 12m x 6m video projection screen, created with an application of Screen Goo Reference White coatings.

While the dinosaurs themselves are of course the main attraction, the video projected on the new screen contributes greatly to creating an environment and context which deepens visitors' appreciation for these awe-inspiring prehistoric creatures.

Rumours of after-hour screenings of "Jurassic Park" remain unconfirmed!

Congratulations and a hearty "thanks mate!" to Alex Leong of Livingstone Audio for a unique job, beautifully done. Please keep up the excellent work

Goo Systems would like to remind museum and educational facility managers and A/V professionals that all Screen Goo coatings carry ASTM certifications for non-toxicity and fire safety and that all Screen Goo coatings meet or exceed LEED certification standards for low levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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