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Pro AV Catalog

Pro AV Catalog
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PureLink manufactures the world’s most advanced line of HD connectivity products, specializing in DVI, HDMI, & 3G-SDI Cross-Platform Modular Matrix Routers, Rackmountable and Stand-Alone Fiber and CAT5 Extension Systems, Distribution Amps, and Format Converters/Scalers. We are known in the industry as “the ones that work,” PureLink: Beyond 4K.

Model: SX-8800

SX-8800 provides seamless switching of up to (8) HDMI 2.0b inputs and outputs and incorporates the latest technologies available on the market including HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliance.
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PureLink™ Launches Testing & Certification Program
Posted on Monday, March 10, 2014

PureAssuranceRAMSEY, NJ, Mar. 6, 2014 – PureLink today announced the launch of the PureAssurance certification program, PureLink’s proprietary design and installation resource for next-level customer care and support. PureAssurance will present a database of PM (PureMedia) certified display, source, and control devices that will assure optimal performance.

“Because of the flood of new A/V devices, installers are constantly facing incompatibility issues,” said Kevin Kang, PureLink’s Associate Technical Director. “This program will enhance dealer and buyer confidence when specifying PureLink solutions and facilitate compliance with different brands.”

PureLink’s team of experts tests the most readily used HD and Ultra-HD devices with PureLink products in various conditions. “The new PureAssurance certification program will help dealers who specify PureLink products win more bids and differentiate themselves from competitors,” explains Jake Kim, PureLink’s Manager of Technology Deployment and Assurance. 

PureAssurance is an in-house testing and certification program that ensures the performance of various UltraHD displays and sources, such as media players, VTC cameras, projectors, and video processors, with PureLink’s PM systems and components. Devices that are certified through PureAssurance are continuously tested to determine the ability to conform to PureLink’s technical standards or specifications. It will provide systems integrators and designers with the assurance that PureLink solutions will perform accurately and consistently.

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